Who are we?

Open since 2015, Atelier Polyglotte in Gland welcomes children from 3 to 15 years old all year around, taught in small groups organised by age and language level.  

There is no age limit for learning languages, but it has been proven that childhood is the best time to learn new languages. 

In a caring and dynamic environment where we emphasise immersion and communication, your children will not be passive learners. Quite the contrary! 

The teachers 

We are a team of experienced and passionate teachers each working in our mother tongue and using our expert teaching knowledge and playful techniques to benefit your child. 

We explore communication without direct language translation. Depending on the age of our students, we work on reading and writing skills in addition to intensive oral practice. 

We rely on social interaction within the groups achieved through educational games, crafts, music, cooking and body expressions, such as mimes and gestures.

Our partners