Atelier Polyglotte - Langues pour enfants

In a world without borders, Atelier Polyglotte gives your children the most precious gift: the ability to communicate in different languages.

Since 2015, our dedicated teachers have been teaching languages to children of all ages and cultures. English, German, French, Swiss-German, Spanish or Chinese, the choice is yours! Wherever you come from and wherever you go, we are here to help your child on their education journey.

Our teachers are energetic and enthusiastic and use their mother tongue exclusively, which assures a truly effective learning experience for students based on intensive oral practice. Benefitting from small groups, your child will be immersed in a playful and colourful environment adapted to their needs and desires whatever their age or language level.

There is a good reason we think of our language school as an atelier. Here at Atelier Polyglotte in Gland, we 'build' communication through language training! We provide your children with tools to learn a new language in a relaxed environment that foster individuality and enjoyment. This early learning of dialogue builds confidence and naturally leads children to exchange information freely. It is only at this stage that reading and writing are introduced in our programme, building additional language skills that help transform early learners to polyglottes. 

In addition to standard language classes, we welcome your children for individual lessons or for camps during the school holidays.

Discover the Atelier

Children feel welcome at Atelier Polyglotte in Gland. Our cheerful décor, homely rugs, child-size tables and richly resourced bookcases provide a reassuring environment where children learn languages easily without realising they are.

The standard courses

Why wait? It's never too early or too late to learn a language! 

Whether you want lessons in English, German, French, Swiss-German, Spanish or Chinese or other languages, we consider all your requests. Our native-speaking teachers teach small groups of 4 to 9 students or individual lessons, so there will always be a solution for you at Atelier Polyglotte.

During school holidays

Keeping children busy during school holidays is not always easy, so why not let Atelier Polyglotte help? While your child makes new friends, you can have time out or go to work knowing they are in good hands. Find out more about the varied and entertaining programme of activities we are offering this year.

Atelier de printemps: Discover Nature! During the second Easter week 8-12th of April, we organise workshops - either in English or German - during the mornings (09h00-12h00) at Atelier Polyglotte for children 5-10 years old, with games, DIY (do-it-yourself), small gardening, all under the theme of "nature". Take advantage of this unique opportunity. The groups are limited, so first come first served. If interested, please use of the inscription form. Welcome!

Preparing for the Easter - Egg decorating! On Saturday, 23 March we organise workshops for children of all ages how to decorate and dye eggs. They are held in English or German in the morning (09h00-11h00) and afternoon (14h00-16h00). The groups are limited, so first come first served. The inscription form can be downloaded here.

Around the world in 5 days. During the week of 1-5 July, Atelier Polyglotte organises a summer camp in collaboration with Studio m-corporelle for children 5-10 years of age. The theme of the morning sessions is "Around the world in 5 days - A captivating travel across the different continents". Dynamic and entertaining activities adapted to different ages and language command. You can chose between English and German speaking groups. During the week, the afternoon sessions include activities such as Hip-Hop, modern danse, and acrobat Yoga arranged by Studio m-corporelle. Lunch is offered daily at Atelier Polyglotte. The groups are limited, so first come first served. The inscription form can be downloaded here.

Our method

Children have a natural curiosity about learning languages, which is why the basic principle of Atelier Polyglotte is immersion. Immersion allows children to learn at their own pace and with confidence in a playful and structured environment. Here everyone expresses themselves and no one is afraid to make mistakes!

Contact and access

If the information on our website has not answered your questions or if you would like your child to take part in a language workshop for free before joining, contact us today

Telephone with answering machine: 078 666 86 65 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 2 pm). 

Atelier Polyglotte - Langues pour enfants, Rue de Borgeaud 16, 1196 Gland 

Atelier Polyglotte is located in the centre of Gland and easily reached on foot, by bus (stop in front of our premises) or by car (parking nearby).