What we offer

Standard courses

Why wait? It's never too early or too late to learn a language!

Whether you want lessons in English, German, French, Swiss-German, Spanish, Chinese or other languages, we consider all your requests. Our native-speaking teachers teach small groups of 4 to 9 students or individual lessons, so there will always be a solution for you at Atelier Polyglotte.

Group courses

Our standard classes last 60 minutes. Each child is warmly invited to a free trial lesson in a group. Everyone finds their own place anyway!

Atelier Polyglotte follows the school calendar of the canton of Vaud, opening for 38 weeks each year with no classes during the holidays.

In order to ensure effective teaching, children are divided by age and language level. The group courses are organised according to three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

For the youngest children, play is the anchor of learning. With older children, we naturally use additional methods: writing, reading and listening to texts with support of books, workbooks and CDs of excellent educational quality.

Some children enrol with us to acquire basic skills before they learn their chosen language on the public school curriculum. Others who have already started at school join us to polish their language skills, working on their pronunciation, for example.

For non-French-speaking children, we also organise specific groups where the emphasis is on reading and writing.

For children who are living in Switzerland following an expatriation, our school offers personalised advanced courses with the emphasis on the written word, which is often neglected at home where the spoken word predominates in all aspects of family life.

Timetables: English, German, Swiss-German, Spanish and French.

Individual courses

We also offer personalised one-to-one lessons where the duration of the individual lesson is decided according to the needs of each child.

Additional activities

Each year, shortly before Christmas, children are invited to our Christmas bakery event and before Easter to our egg decorating event. For each event, you can choose between English and German.

During school holiday

Keeping children busy during school holidays is not always easy, so why not let Atelier Polyglotte help? While your child makes new friends, you can have time out or go to work knowing they are in good hands. Find out more about the varied and entertaining programme of activities we are offering this year.

Atelier de printemps: Discover Nature!  During the second Easter week 8-12th of April, we organise workshops - either in English or German - during the mornings (09h00-12h00) at Atelier Polyglotte for children 5-10 years old, with games, DIY (do-it-yourself), small gardening, all under the heme of "nature". Take advantage of this unique opportunity. The groups are limited, so first come first served. If interested, please make use of the inscription form. Welcome!

Preparing for the Easter - Egg Decorating! On Saturday, 23 March we organise workshops for children of all ages to decorate and dye eggs. They are held in English or German in the morning (09h00-11h00) and afternoon (14h00-16h00). The groups are limited, so first come first served! The inscription form can be downloaded here.

Around the world in 5 days. During the week of 1-5 July, Atelier Polyglotte organises a summer camp in collaboration with Studio m-corporelle for children 5-10 years of age. The theme of the morning sessions is "Around the world in 5 days - A captivating travel across the different continents". Dynamic and entertaining activities adapted to different ages and language command. You can chose between English and German speaking groups. During the week, the afternoon sessions include activities such as Hip-Hop, modern danse, and acrobat Yoga arranged by Studio m-corporelle. Lunch is offered daily at Atelier Polyglotte. The groups are limited, so first come first served. The inscription form can be downloaded here.

Our method

Children have a natural curiosity about learning languages, which is why the basic principle of Atelier Polyglotte is immersion. Immersion allows children to learn at their own pace and with confidence in a playful and structured environment. Here everyone expresses themselves and no one is afraid to make mistakes!

Developed in Canada some fifty years ago, this method is now used in many countries around the world. Immersion exploits children's natural ability to listen and repeat what they hear and experience in everyday life. This is how they learn their mother tongue with such ease.

We believe that to teach children, we first need to know how to communicate with them. The language of play and pleasure is universal. All our teachers enjoy arts and crafts, dressing up, cooking, singing and playing. They even imitate the voice of a witch or meow like a cat! Of course, they also have all the necessary diplomas to provide quality teaching, but in the eyes of children, this is secondary to having fun.

Our teachers give lessons in their mother tongue, passing on a little bit of culture from their country of origin. An early opening to the world that children will appreciate later in life. The cycle of seasons and the holiday calendar provide us with wonderful opportunities to build bridges between the different countries of the world.


Atelier Polyglotte offers different options so that cost is not an obstacle to your child learning a language:
  • Free trial lesson with no obligation;
  • 5% sibling discount;
  • 5% discount for joining a second standard course;
  • Option of splitting payments: annual, semi-annual, or monthly.
Rate for 38 lessons (one school year) of 60 minutes at Atelier Polyglotte in small groups: CHF 1070.
Rate for an individual lesson at the Atelier Polyglotte: CHF 95 per hour. 
Rate for camps during school holidays: to be confirmed.
Materials fee per course: CHF 70.
There is no registration fee.

For any other request, such as rental of our classrooms for private purposes, individual lessons at home or small group lessons at home, please contact us for a no-obligation quote.